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Passage Manager App: Scan Settings
Passage Manager App: Scan Settings
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Access your scan settings on the Passage Manager app by tapping the "Settings" icon, then "Scan Settings" from the list. There are several options you can enable or disable to customize your checkout options. This article goes through each individually:

Quick Scan is one of the two scanning modes available to use. When Quick Scan is enabled one tap will redeem one ticket. If there is a valid ticket on the barcode, you'll see a green check mark. If there is not a valid ticket on the barcode, you'll see a red 'X'. The customer's name and ticket type will also display the checkmark or 'X'.

Scanning with Quick Scan disabled will simply show the customers entire order with a toggle button next to each ticket or product. You can manually redeem the items individually, or hit "Redeem All" to do them all at once. Hit the back arrow in the top left corner to return to the scanning screen. Note: Products cannot be scanned using quick scan; so if you need to scan in products, disabling Quick Scan is recommended.

Enabling Quick Scan Sound will play a sound effect for each scan attempt: a beep for a valid ticket; a buzzer for an invalid ticket.

Enable Hardware Scanner only if you are connecting a red light scanner instead of using the built-in device camera to scan tickets.

Enabling Offline Mode downloads a current copy of the guest list to the local device, and scans using the local list. This provides faster scanning times and avoids any issues in case the internet connection cuts out. The app will continually check for an internet/data connection and sync when one is available, updating the list along the way. More info on Offline Mode is available here.

This option is for printing to the Boca Lemur series of printers, and only is an option with Quick Scan disabled. Enabling Manual Print along with a Boca connected and Quick Scan disabled will make it so one ticket is printed per tap of the Print button on the customer's order screen. When Manual Print is disabled the full order with one tap.

If you're seeing old data when logged into the app, use "Clear Cache" to erase the current session and start fresh. This should bring up only currently active events, tickets, and timeslots. You can also refresh lists by sliding your finger down the screen until you see a wheel icon appear, then releasing to force the information to update.

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