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Using the Passage Manager App
Offline Mode / Sync Scanning Mode
Offline Mode / Sync Scanning Mode

A faster / more consistent ticket scanning experience on the Passage Manager App if you have intermittent internet connectivity issues.

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Offline Mode Description

When offline mode is enabled on a device, that device will attempt to download an entire list of scanable barcodes from the server, and then scan from that list instead of from the Passage servers. This “offline list” will sync to the cloud/Passage list as long as there is a data connection available. If a data connection is not available, it will keep scanning from the downloaded offline list and sync when a data connection becomes available. 

Note: The video mentions that offline mode is not yet available for Android. But it is now! You can download the latest Android app update (4.1.0) here.

Benefits of Offline Mode

There are two main benefits to enabling this mode:

  1. Less worry about your internet connection. Scanning will happen quickly and consistently, even if you’re internet connection momentarily goes down.

  2. Faster scanning. Since the app is only checking the locally downloaded list and not looking to the list on the Passage servers in the cloud, scanning can be much faster.

Downfalls of Offline Mode

There are also a few downfalls of this mode that you should be aware of.

  1. Reporting will not be immediately available. While in offline mode, your scans are sync’d to a separate database and only able to be updated to the online/reporting database once every minute or so. Even with a solid internet connection, it could be 1-2 minutes after a scan before you see it in your online reporting or on any device without offline mode enabled. 

  2. Offline mode and regular mode should not be used together. If the same ticket is scanned on both, it could cause syncing issues and potentially correct your offline mode database.

  3. More data usage. In offline mode, the entire list of tickets is being downloaded and synced. Because of this, more data usage will occur on your mobile device than when in standard mode. This still should not be significant, but could reach 10 to 20MB of data per enabled device per event. 

  4. Could sync more slowly (especially during the first download) on older devices. We recommend using the latest version of the iPhone or iPod Touch with this mode. Older models could take a much longer time to initially sync your ticket list.

  5. The guest-list does not yet work in offline mode when there’s no internet connection. It WILL work, however, if you simply have offline mode enabled but still have a steady internet connection.

How to Use Offline Mode

Step 1: Pre-Game Setup: Adjust the Settings

Now it’s time to set-up your scanning! After launching and logging into your app, follow these steps: 

  1. Tap “Settings” on the bottom.

  2. Select “Scan Settings”.

  3. From this menu enable “Offline Mode(beta)” by tapping the toggle switch so that it toggles to the left and lights green. You can optionally enable “Quick Scan” and “Quick Scan Sound” here as well. 

Step 2: Select & Sync Your Event 

  1. Go back to the “Check In” screen. Tap “Check In” at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Select your event. Tap the top button to bring up the list of events, and then tap the event you’ll be scanning for. Be sure to do this even if the correct event is already selected, as selecting the event initiates the syncing process.

  3. Wait until synced. You should now see a spinning “Syncing” icon next to the event name in the top bubble. You’ll want to keep the screen on while the process completes. Once the sync process is complete, that spinning icon will change to an orange check-mark. 

  4. Depending on the size of your event, the speed of your internet connection, and the speed of your actual device, the initial sync could take anywhere from a few seconds to 6 or 7 minutes. Please keep the screen on during this time, and don’t navigate to another app. 

  5. Once you see the check-mark next to your event name, you’re ready to start scanning like normal!


If you run into any problems (scanning stops working, or the sync comes on for an extended period) you may need to disable offline mode, close the app, and start again. 

If you see continued problems, you can simply disable "Offline Mode(beta)" in the settings to return to standard scanning mode. 

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