Access your sales settings on the Passage Manager by tapping the "Settings" icon, then "Sales Settings" from the list. There are several options you can enable or disable to customize your checkout options. This article goes through each individually:

Enable Auto Redeem to immediately update the ticket status to Redeemed when checkout is completed. Enabling this is recommended when you're immediately letting customers into the event or are providing a non-scannable ticket for later entry, as that will give an accurate headcount for the "Redemptions" number in your Tickets Report.  DO NOT enable auto redeem if you are providing the customer with a scannable barcode for their purchase.

Enable Bundle Sales if you need to complete in-person sales of ticket packages you have created on the system. Enabling this option will add a "Bundles" tab to the Sales screen along with "Tickets" and "Products". Tap that Bundles tab to pull up and sell your packages. 

Enabling Purchase Notes gives you the option to collect additional customer information at the checkout screen. If you'd like to get phone numbers, addresses, etc for in-person customers, make sure to turn this on. When enabled an "Add Notes" button will be added to the checkout screen. Tap that and type in the information. These notes will be available in the event guest list.

Enable Square POS if you are using our Square integration and a Square card reader to complete in-person sales. More information about our Square integration here. DO NOT have this setting enabled when using a Passage card reader.

Enabling Show Ticket Inventory displays the number of tickets remaining in the list of event times, so cashiers can quickly check availability before starting an order.

Enabling the Custom Total will allow the cashier to adjust the regular ticket price while in cart, and set any total dollar amount for the order. This can be useful for places like concessions where it allows to key in a specific amount, instead of adding all of the individual items to cart. 

Use Bluetooth Reader Setup to connect to your Passage Chipper 2X BT Card Reader. It's recommended to connect before starting sales, but don't worry: if you don't have the reader connected, you'll be prompted to connect the first time you reach the checkout screen.

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