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Activate Square In-Person Payments Integration
Activate Square In-Person Payments Integration

The Passage Ticketing platform is now integrated with Square! Read this for quick instructions on how to activate that integration.

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Update: The Square Point of Sale integration now works with both Android and iOS!

The Passage Manager app works great for checking in guests and handling in-person transactions, but we've heard from some users that they would prefer to use readers from Square. Because of this, we've partnered with Square to launch our Square integration! This is the best of both worlds and if you do a lot of in-person transactions we recommend setting this up at your attraction.

After setting up this integration you can use the Passage Manager App to complete your in-person sales (from the same tickets, products, time-slots and inventory limits you already have set up), but when you click "Checkout" it will pop-open the Square POS app, allow you to use your Square card reader to complete the transaction, and then immediately pop back into the Passage Manager App to complete the sale!

Here's a video that walks through the setup and a sample transaction (with written directions beneath):

To set up the Square Point of Sale Integration with the Passage Manager App, follow these steps: 

  1. Create a Square account and activate your mobile device. If you don't already have a Square account, head to and click "Sign Up With Square". Square only has transaction fees, so there's no cost to set up an account and leave it active. It's a good backup plan regardless! From there, install the Square Point of Sale App on your mobile device and login. Here are instructions from Square. If you already have a Square account and the app set up, skip this step.

  2. Activate Square Payments online in your Passage Ticketing account. Whether you're using Passage, HauntPay, EscapeTix, SavorStub, NepTix, SoccerStub, or another Passage Ticketing brand, you'll need to activate Square Payments from the admin area. To do this, login, head to the admin area (Account -> Admin), select "Square Payments" from the "Account" drop-down, and then click the toggle to "Enable" Square Payments.

  3. Activate Square Payments in the Passage Manager app. You'll also need to tell the Passage Manager App that you'd like to use Square Payments, otherwise it will default to your Passage Payments and card reader. To do this, search for and install the Passage Manager app (if you haven't already), open and log-in to the Passage Manager app, tap Settings (on the bottom right), select "Sales Settings", and then tap the toggle to "Enable Square POS" (when enabled, it will toggle to the right). 

That's it! Now you can complete an in-person sale as normal, but when you click "Checkout" it will seamlessly pop open the Square Point of Sale app to complete the transaction. 

A few (IMPORTANT) notes:

  1. The Square Point of Sale integration now works with both Android and iOS!

  2. When using this integration, you must use a Square reader. They have a free reader here, and a ton of additional great ones in their shop. We recommend the $49 contactless + EMV bluetooth reader which accepts both EMV and Android / Samsung / Apple Pay transactions! 

  3. When using this integration, the funds will go to the bank account tied to the Square account in use. Make sure you're logged into the correct Square account on the Square Point of Sale app before using this integration! Your setup on Passage has no control of where Square sends funds completed with the Square Point of Sale integration.

  4. Deposits from transactions completed with the Square integration will NOT show up in your deposits reporting. You'll need to consult your Square account to see when deposits are headed your way from transactions completed there. 

  5. The Square Point of Sale integration works great with the Square Stand Point of Sale Kit, but DOES NOT work with the Square Register Kit since that device can't run the Passage Manager app. 

  6. The billing for transactions with Square is just a little different. In most cases it should be the same cost as Passage Payments (2.75% + $0.30/transaction), but they'll be split into two separate charges: the Square cost (usually 2.75%) will be instantly deducted by Square, and an additional $0.30 per transaction will be billed to your Passage Payments account at the end of the month. So, the total cost for a swiped, chip, or Android/Samsung/Apple Pay transaction will still be 2.75% & $0.30/transaction.

  7. Refunds are currently not automated from the Passage Ticketing reporting. You can mark a transaction as refunded through the normal process, but you'll also need to head into your Square account and refund that transaction to return the money to the customer.

That's about it! We highly recommend activating this integration, as it gives you one of the best in-person point of sale hardware providers out there (Square) combined with the advanced management of ticket, product, time-slot, and inventory controls provided by the Passage Ticketing Platform. It's a win-win!

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