To sell gift certificates, gift vouchers, or gift cards you will want to set them up as a product. Click the Products tab in your admin section, then the "Add Product" button to get started. 

We recommend setting up your gift certificate as a product with a price equal to one of your tickets. The customer can then use the quantity dropdown to select the number of people/ticketsthey want to include. To sell your gift vouchers on their own choose the Visibility option "Online: Standalone" in the product settings. 

The reason we recommend this setup is because the recipient will need to use a promo code to redeem their gift voucher. Promo codes are applied per ticket, so the simplest solution is to have it set to a 100% discount with the Total Allowed Uses set at the number purchased by the customer.

Each purchase provides a unique Ticket ID number to the customer when they purchase the gift certificate. Because it is automatically provided we recommend using this Ticket ID for the promo code, as it is a simple solution. However, you could also send a separate email with a different code to the customer after they purchase if you prefer.

To make setting up gift certificate promo codes as streamlined as possible, select the checkbox in its product settings to receive an alert about each product sale. Then, also select the option to include a copy of the customers ticket. With those selected you will be alerted immediately when a customer purchases a gift certificate, see the quantity included on the voucher, and also have their unique Ticket ID number in front of you. Receiving these emails will instantly provide all the info you need to quickly create the promo codes at your convenience. 

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