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Zapier: Integrate & Automate with 2,000+ Web Apps!
Zapier: Integrate & Automate with 2,000+ Web Apps!

Want to simplify your life by automatically delivering data and triggering follow-up actions with over 2,000 web-apps? This one is for you!

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Zapier Web Apps Integration

Want to connect your ticket sales with one of the web apps you already use (i.e. Google Sheets, Google Calendars, MailChimp, or one of hundreds more)? Integrating Passage with Zapier makes it easy to track details of your sales in a spreadsheet, connect with customers via email, set up appointment times on your calendar, and really just about any task you need to automate.

First: Connect Passage Ticketing to your existing or new Zapier Account and Choose Passage to create a new Zap.

Click below to connect your Passage Ticketing account with Zapier.

From there you can click "Connect to 2,000+ Apps" to add Passage Ticketing to an existing Zapier account (if you already have one) or create a new Zapier account for free. 

If this is your first time, you'll need to log-in to Passage (using your Passage credentials) when prompted.

Once you've connected Passage Ticketing and granted Zapier access to your Passage account you'll instantly be able to start creating your first Zap and automating tasks.

Second: Set up the Zap Trigger:

  • Choose "Passage Ticketing" as your trigger app. Then select the Trigger from the available options (i.e. "New Transaction"). Hit the "Save & Continue" button.

  • Connect your Passage account. Select an existing account from the list, or click the "Connect a New Account Button" and sign into your Passage account. Click "Save & Continue."

  • Select the Event for which your Zap will be set up. Click on the drop down menu field, and select from the list of your events. Then choose whether or not to also include comp tickets in the second drop down field, and hit the "Continue" button.

  • Test your Passage integration using a recent transaction, then Continue on to your Action step(s).

Fourth: Set up a Zap Action:

  • Choose a web app (calendar, spreadsheet, mailing list, etc.) to utilize the data sent from Passage, and follow the instructions to customize the action for your use. 

  • In the "Edit Template" section you will be able to choose the specific customer data points from Passage Ticketing (first name, last name, email, custom fields collected, etc) that you want assigned to that value in the Action app.

Fifth: Save your Zap to make it active ("Live")!

Run a test transaction to make sure everything is working. It might take a couple of tries to get it to work properly, but once it's set up correctly your Zap will run every time and can replace hours of menial busy work. 

Our integration with over 2,000 web-apps through Zapier is just another way we're here to make your lives easier so you can focus on putting on a great event :) 

Try It!

Click your favorite sample integration below to give it a go :)

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