Early Bird Discounts

How to set pre-sale pricing for early bird discounts

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Do you want to offer a discount on all tickets bought before a specific date? The best way to offer an early bird discount is using a promo code with the Automatically Apply Discount setting enabled, and a Valid End Date set. This will apply the discount at checkout for all customers until that end date is reached. Customers will not need to enter the code.

[For information about creating promo codes click here.]

To set up your automatically applied early bird discount create a new promo code with the discount amount set to the difference between the regular ticket price and your early bird price. Then, enter the Valid End Date when you want to stop offering the early bird pricing. Select the Automatically Apply Discount and Enabled checkboxes, along with the ticket types you want the discount to work with.

The example below will apply a $10 discount to only General Admission tickets through June 30, 2023.

Other methods to do an early bird discount:

  • You can manually change the ticket price at any time. So, you can simply edit the ticket type when you want to raise the price.

  • Create duplicate event times that have different Sales Start Dates and Sales End Dates set, and different ticket types selected. This method will display all the times on the event page, but the event time's tickets will only be accessible during its on-sale date range. You can use the Custom Timeslot Text setting on these event times to display the sale date range.

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