Ticket Transfers

Transfer your tickets to friends, family, employees, or anyone

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Have season tickets but are unable to attend one of the games? No longer able to attend, so want to give your tickets away? How about you just want to give a friend access to a virtual concert? No problem! You can give your ticket(s) to someone else using our Ticket Transfer feature. You will find that when logged into your account by clicking the "My Tickets" link. Once on your tickets page, click the "Transfer tickets" option.

On the transfer page (shown above) select the ticket or tickets you want to transfer, enter the email address of the recipient, and hit the "Transfer Tickets" button to send them on their way. The email they receive will be titled: "[Your Name] has sent you tickets to [Event Name]". The body of the email will let them review the tickets, and then click a "View Tickets" button to take them to the page to accept (or reject) the transfer. The ticket will be in a pending status until it the recipient accepts (or rejects). You can check the status of transfers you've initiated, and you may cancel a transfer at any time.

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