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Issue Refunds & Void Tickets
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My customer needs a refund. How can I refund their purchase?

The options to refund a customer's purchase are available in their transaction details. You can use the Transactions Report filters to quickly locate their transaction by the last 4 digits on the card used to purchase, name on card, or date and amount of their purchase. Then click their ID number (first column) to go into their transaction details. Another option is to look up the customer by name or email address in the Upcoming Events guest list, click their transaction ID number, then "View Transaction" to go into their details.

Once in their transaction details there are 4 options next to the transaction number: Print Receipt | View/Download Tickets | Email Receipt/Tickets to Customer | Refund Transaction. Clicking "Refund Transaction" will present three options for a refund:

  1. Full Refund – Issue a 100% refund for the entire order, and void all tickets and products included.

  2. Partial Refund – Manually enter an amount to refund. The status of tickets and products will not be updated. ** Note: since this is manually entered amount not tied to tickets and their fees, this amount will refund entirely from your bank account.

  3. Ticket Refund – Select individual tickets or products from the order to refund (multiple items can be selected). Tickets or products that are refunded this way will also be voided.

Please note: 

  • For $0 or comp transactions the "Refund Transaction" prompt will be replaced with "Void Transaction" allowing you to void tickets for free orders.

  • For cash transactions or transactions completed via Square in-person, we are not able to actually facilitate the transfer of money back to the customer. In these cases using the "Refund" functionality will simply adjust the reporting and you'll still have to manually refund the client their money. In the case of Square transactions, you'll need to log into your Square account (either online or in the Square Point of Sale app), find the transaction, and refund it from there. Here are instructions from Square

  • When a refund is complete, we don't send anything to the customer by default. You'll want to let the customer know that the refund is complete and the funds will hit their account with in a few business days. You can also click "Send Customer Receipt" on the same transaction details page to send a new receipt to the customer showing the refund line-item. 

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