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The Tickets Report provides a list of all tickets sold for your events along with customer details. Each row in the report is an individual ticket displaying its ID number, purchase date and time, customer name and email, event, ticket type, start and end date/time, redemption status, and payment details. The data in the Tickets Report can be exported in a CSV format that can loaded into any spreadsheet program and managed. Some of the most popular uses for this report are:

  • Download a list of customer emails

  • Search for a customer's order by name or email

  • Check the number of tickets redeemed on a certain date

The boxes at the top of the page also display total numbers for items like total tickets sold, total tickets redeemed, total dollar amount, as well as fees, taxes and discounts. By default this displays the numbers of the past 365 days, but the filters in the left-hand sidebar can be used to adjust that date range or look at only tickets and customers that meet certain criteria.

Ticket Report Filters

  • Event:  Select a single event to view only its tickets and numbers. After selecting an event 2 more filters will become available:
    - Ticket Type. Select a ticket type to see only its numbers.
    - Event Date. First, pick a date from the calendar. This will bring up the "Event Time" filter. Choose a timeslot from the list to see only tickets for that time.

  • Email: Search for a customer who created an account to purchase.

  • Guest Email: Search for a customer who purchased as a guest.

  • First / Last Name: Search for a customer by first and/or last name on tickets.

  • Payment Type: See numbers for different purchase types. Multiple can be selected. 

  • Redeemed: Yes = show all tickets used. No = show only unused tickets.

  • Purchased Date From / To: Search for sales by a specific date or date range. The two filters can be used together or alone.

  • Redeemed Date From / To:  Search for tickets used on a specific date or during a date range. Filters can be used together or on their own.

  • Time Zone: Defaults to venue time zone. Can be adjusted if necessary.

  • Promo Code: See only the tickets ordered using a specific promo code or codes (multiple can be selected).

  • Bundle: See only the tickets purchased in a certain bundle or bundles (multiple can be selected). 

  • Ticket ID: Search for a ticket order using the ID number on the printed ticket.

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