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Admitting Customers with the Guest List
Admitting Customers with the Guest List
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For information and tips about using the new version of the Passage Manager app, please watch the video at this page:

Don't want to scan in tickets, but still want to know who came to your event and how many tickets were redeemed? Then, Passage Manager's handy guestlist feature is just the thing for you!

To access the guestlist, first log into the app and select "Check In" from the options at the bottom of the screen on iOS; on Android click the ≡ icon to expand the options menu, and select "Check In." Tap "Guests" and make sure its box is highlighted orange. By default this will load all guests by name for your event. If you need to narrow this down to a specific timeslot, then you can do so by tapping the "Any Time" button and selected the desired date and time. Similarly, if you need to view only guests with a specific ticket type, tap the "Any Ticket Type" button and select that ticket type from your list.

Guests associated with the event, timeslot, and ticket type settings you have selected will be listed in alphabetical order. So, you can find their name in that list and then tap their name to view their entire order. What makes the guest list super handy is the ability to quickly search through the customers. Start typing a name in that bar, and the results will be automatically be filtered down more with every character you type. For instance: Looking for Steve Smith? Type "S...t...e..." and his name will jump to the top of the screen.

Tap on the customer's name to display all tickets and products they have purchased for the event. Click the toggle button next to the item to redeem it. When the toggle is to the right, the item is redeemed. Accidentally redeem an item? Just tap the slider button one more time (back to the left) to make it available again.

When done redeeming for the order click the back arrow to return to the Guest List.

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