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Questions About Event Details and Policies
Questions About Event Details and Policies
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We get a ton of questions about event details and policies every day. Questions like:

  • Is there an age limit? How old do I have to be to get in?

  • Do my children need a ticket?

  • Is the event wheelchair accessible?

  • Is the event outdoors?

  • How do I use my Groupon or LivingSocial voucher?

And many more.
While we'd love to help you, we're actually just the event ticketing company and don't have access to this kind of event info. The best way to get an answer to your question is probably to ask the event organizer!
The easiest way to get a hold of the event organizer directly is to head to the event page. There you'll find a big "Contact Event Organizer" button beneath the event description. Clicking that will open a form you can use to send an email to the event organizer. Their phone number can also be found on that same event page beneath the map. Give them a shout, and they should be able to help with any of your questions!

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