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I click "Purchase" and nothing happens!
I click "Purchase" and nothing happens!
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If you have filled in all of your credit card information, but the purchase button is not working for you, the following are common reasons you may be experiencing a problem:

1) Autofilled Form Information

One of the great things about making purchases online is that your computer remembers your frequently used information. Unfortunately, information autocompleted into a form is not always recognized by a website. This is the case with Passage. If your information has been autofilled for you, you will need to go back and manually enter the information. Good news, though! This does not mean you need to reenter every character in the form. If you click into the fields, then just delete and retype the last character, this will see your supplied information recognized.

2) Popup Confirmation

After clicking the "purchase" button, there is one more step to complete your transaction: a popup confirmation box. This popup will appear at the top of the dimmed screen and state: "Your credit card will be charged upon submitting." Two options are given, "Ok" and "Cancel." If you closed out this screen before clicking the popup, or did not see the popup, then your purchase has not gone through.

Example of the popup confirmation that appears after clicking the "Purchase" button.

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