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Error After Clicking "Purchase"
Error After Clicking "Purchase"
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A successful purchase will take you to a screen that shows your tickets with options to view, print, download, or email them to yourself or a friend.

If you do not see your tickets displayed on screen after clicking "purchase" as in the above example, then that means an error was encountered during your purchase attempt. Below are some of the most common reasons.

1) Fraud AVS Filtering

One of the most common errors is the Fraud AVS Filtering service. This error is reported in a red box at the top of the page when returned to the checkout screen. The cause of this error is an incorrect street address or zip code supplied in the form. Note that this is not necessarily where you currently live, rather the address and zip code that are on file with your bank. Most people do not update their bank account information when they move. So, if you have moved since opening your account, you should be able to purchase successfully if you try your old zip code.

2) Security Code Mismatch

Similar to the Fraud AVS Filtering error, this error is returned in a red box at the top of the checkout screen after. The cause of this error is most often an incorrect CVV code entered in the credit card information, although in some cases an incorrect expiration date can always result in this error. Please, check that your security (CVV) code and expiration date match what is labeled on your card and retry your purchase.

3) Purchase Time Out

If it takes longer than 10 minutes to complete your purchase, you will be taken to a screen showing a map and a listing of upcoming events. A red box will also be displayed at the top of the page with a message indication that "One or more tickets is no longer available. Please try again." This means that the tickets and products associated with your purchase have been removed from your cart and added back into the event inventory. You will need to restart your purchase from the event page, with the "Buy Tickets" button. If you can run through your transaction in under 10 minutes, you will be able to complete your ticket purchase without further problems.

4) Do Not Honor

A "Do Not Honor" error message is returned from the card-issuing bank when they will not authorize the charge. The most common reasons for this on their part tend to be: 1) reports of fraudulent activity using the account, 2) a replacement card having been issued, but not yet activated by the cardholder, or 3) the account being frozen due to overdrawn funds. Unfortunately, we are not able to get any more information from your bank. To be sure of the reason why you are seeing this message, you will need to contact your card issuing bank directly.

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