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My Cart Is Empty After Adding Tickets
My Cart Is Empty After Adding Tickets
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Help! My cart is empty after I add the tickets. What do I do now?

If your cart is empty after you've hit "Add to Cart" then something is blocking our system from receiving the information about your shopping session. This usually occurs for one of two reasons:

  1. You have cookies disabled on your browser.

  2. You're checking out through an embedded checkout via Safari in private mode.

Sadly, if #1, then there's nothing we can do. Half of the internet (including most e-commerce) will not work without cookies enabled on your browser. Sorry :( If you want to stay super safe while checking out, try using Chrome with Incognito Mode turned on.

But if #2 is what ails you, then there's a quick fix! Either use a browser other than Safari, use Safari but disabled "Private Mode", or (if you must stay in private mode) go directly to the event page on Passage rather than an embedded page. To quickly get to the direct event page on Passage, simply scroll down in the window, right click the venue name (under the map) and click "Open in New Window".


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