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Group Sales (Assigned Seating)
Group Sales (Assigned Seating)
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Need to block off a section of seats in your assigned seating chart for a large group, like a birthday party, corporate outing, school trip, or family reunion? Use the Group Sales option found under your Bundles tab to reserve a selection of seats for them. Setting up a group sale will hide that selection of seats from the public seating chart so that these seats are only accessible to people that use the custom, private link provided for the group.

(Note: If you are not using assigned seating charts for your events, you can use private time slots to offer group sales or special pricing. Click here for details.)

Set up a group sale by clicking the Packages tab in your admin area, selecting the Group Sales option, then clicking the New Group Sale button. This will bring up the Group Sales settings:

  • Group Name: For your identification on the backend, and in reports

  • Event: Select the event by name to pull up its time slots. Then, choose a time slot to pull up the seating chart.
    From here, click into the section(s) on your chart and select the seats you want reserved for the group. Then, assign the custom price level by either choosing an existing option, or creating a new one. If creating a new price level, click "Save Price Level" before continuing.

  • Valid Start Date: Set the date and time for these group sales to go online

  • Valid End Date: Set the date for these group sales to no longer being offered

  • Max Per Order: If you need individual customers limited to a certain number of tickets, enter that number here

  • Password: If you want more security than the private link, enter a password here. This will require users to submit this before accessing the reserved seats.

  • Allow Promo Code Usage With This Group Sale: Select this option if you want to allow additional promo code discounts to be applied to the bundle.

  • Public: Allow the group sale to be accessed by anyone from the public chart

Clicking the "Save Group Sale" button will make it live. After saving the group's custom, private URL will be shown above the Group Name. You can click that link to test it's working as wanted, or copy the URL to forward onto the group.

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