Private Time Slots
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Need to keep a certain time-slot private for a private party or corporate booking? Here's how!

  1. Head into your event editor by selecting the "Edit" button on your event.

  2. Scroll down to the Dates & Times section, or click "Timeslots" in the sidebar to jump to that section.

  3. Locate the time slot you want to make private, then click the "edit" link.

  4. Select the "Private Event Time" checkbox to block public sales (see example below), and save the time slot settings.

  5. A private URL is now provided for this timeslot. Use this URL to link the private party or group directly to this date & time to purchase their tickets.

Also, you can now control the Public / Private setting of time slots from your Upcoming Events view. In the Actions column you will see a down arrow button next to the "View Guest List" option. Clicking that arrow will open a list of additional options including "Make Private" (or "Make Public" if currently private). Simply click that option to set this time slot up as a private event time. 

A private link for the time slot will be provided right away next to the event name in the Upcoming Events view.

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