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There are two options for creating dates & times for your event: individual creation and advanced time slots. Individual time slot creation is best for one-off events that do not repeat, events that pop up from time to time on an irregular basis, or if setting up a single "full season" period where tickets can be used any day. Advanced time slots, on the other hand, let you quickly and easily set up multiple time slots per day, and let you repeat these as regularly scheduled times into the future [go here for info on setting up timed ticketing and time slots].

Create an Individual Time Slot

The basic time slot creator is displayed when you first create your event or enter the editor. This simply offers two fields to fill in: the Start Time and End Time for your event time slot, and is best used to set up events with one time slot spanning multiple days or events with one daily time slot. Enter the time your event opens in the Start Time, and the time your event closes for the End Time, then hit the Save button to generate your time slot.

Once you have created your time slot you will be able to edit its options, including Sale Start and End Times (when tickets will actually be on sale), the Ticket Limit (maximum number of tickets sold for that time slot, regardless of ticket type), Custom Time Slot Text (replace the scheduled date & time with different text, for example: "We'll begin at sundown!", "Schedule TBD", or "Any Night We're Open in October"), and select the available ticket types (the tickets you'd like to offer for during the time slot), as well as repeat this same time slot on future days.

Basic Time Slot Editor Example:

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