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Pending Charge on Card After Checkout Error (And No Tickets)
Pending Charge on Card After Checkout Error (And No Tickets)

Do you see a pending charge on your card after receiving an error when trying to checkout? Find out why here!

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On a successful purchase, we'll immediately display the tickets on the screen with a green "Success" message at the top. We'll also email you a receipt with the tickets attached.

If you didn't see your tickets right after purchase, it's likely there was an error similar to the one show below:

This is shown in a red box at the top of the payment portion of the screen, but sometimes can be missed if you're not looking for it. When there's an error in the info or your bank declines the charge for another reason, we immediately reverse the credit card authorization. 

While most card-issuing banks will immediately drop the charge off of your card when that happens, some wait until the next business day (or later) to update those records. In the meantime, it could show as a "pending charge" that will fall away as soon as your bank updates those records. Rest assured though: we've already reversed that authorization and the charge will not settle (so no money will actually be removed from your account)!

While the errors could be many, the most common ones we see resulting in a pending charge with some banks are an incorrect CVV code (the three digit code on the back of your card) or an incorrect address/zip code. If you think you might know the problem, feel free to try again.

One common issue we see with debit cards: if you've moved recently, even if you notify your bank of your new address, they'll often fail to notify the company they subcontract with for your card account. In these cases your old address and zip code could remain associated with your debit card. Give that old info a try if the current info isn't working!

If you ever have any question about whether your transaction went through successfully, feel free to email us at and we'll look it up for you right away.

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