For in-person transactions, we've integrated the Passage Manager App with several card reader options to allow you to accept credit/debit cards at-the-door.

You can order a Passage card reader in our online shop

Our options for accepting credit cards in-person include:

  1. Keyed-In Transactions. You can manually key in a card number without a card reader! Just tap the "Key Card" option at checkout

2) RECOMMENDED: The Chipper 2X BT Bluetooth Card Reader. This reader supports swipe, chip/EMV, tap-to-pay, and mobile wallet transactions. To use this reader, you'll need an Android (7.0+) or iOS (9.3+) device with Bluetooth. 

3) Our Square Point of Sale Integration. We've integrated with Square Point of Sale so that you can use your existing Square card readers and app with the Passage Manager App. This does add some extra steps (and time) to the checkout, so we only recommend this if the above options aren't a good fit for you.

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