Group Sales Discounts

Offer discounts for large groups purchasing together

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Group discounts can be offered in one of two ways. Either using the minimum quantity setting on a ticket type, or the minimum quantity setting on a promo code.

An advantage to using a ticket type is that the group discount will be listed with the other ticket options so is visible up front. Advantages of using a promo code are that you have are fewer ticket types to set up, and can also apply the group discount across multiple ticket options.

Ticket Type Group Discount

In the event settings Ticket Info section add a new ticket type, or edit an existing ticket type.

  • Enter the group rate price for the group ticket type

  • Enter a Minimum Qty (Quantity) in the ticket type settings

  • Make sure Visibility includes Online

Using a ticket type with minimum quantity for group discounts will list the group ticket with a quantity selection starting at the minimum quantity it has set. This example below will list a $15 Group Rate ticket with the rest of the ticket options for the event. The Group Rate ticket type's quantity selection will start at 15.

Promo Code Group Discount

Go to Promote and select Promo Codes to create your group discount code.

  • Enter a Minimum Quantity in the promo code settings

  • Select the Automatically Apply Discount option (directly below Minimum Quantity)

  • Select ticket types the discount should apply to

Using a promo code with automatically apply enabled for group discounts does not require customers to submit the promo code. This example below will apply a 20% discount at checkout for customers that have 15+ tickets in cart, and will apply to all ticket types.

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