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Where to Find Your Ticket Sales Link
Where to Find Your Ticket Sales Link
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There are several pages you can link to for your ticket sales. Here are the pages we recommend, and where you can find the links.

  1. Event page: the individual event page is great for one-off events. To get your event page link click the Events tab and select Manage. The event name on the Manage Events page is the link to its page. Just copy the URL from the event's name.

  2. Venue page: This will show all upcoming events at the venue, along with any ticket packages you have available. So, the venue page is a great page to use for sports team seasons, or any location with multiple events. To get your venue page link click the Venues tab, and then copy the URL from the venue name on that page.

  3. All Events page: Do you have events at multiple venues? Use your account's all events page to list them all together. Your all events page URL can be found at the top of your Manage Events page (click the Events tab, select Manage).


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