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Enhanced Refund Program for Your Account
Enhanced Refund Program for Your Account
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Give your customers the option to purchase enhanced protection for their purchase, and remove the need for you to process refunds. This will allow your customers to receive a refund from our partner, Protecht, in the event of situations like a layoff, family emergency, accident, illness, interruptions with travel, or severe weather. This refund will be processed by Protecht, so none of the funds you received will be withdrawn from your account.

When the enhanced refund program is enabled for your account customers will be given the opportunity to opt in or out of purchasing the refund program at checkout, and every time refund protection is purchased you'll earn an added $0.25 rev-share on the purchase!

Refund protection can be a win for both you and the customer, but if you want to disable the program on your account you can do so from your admin area by opening the Account dropdown menu and selecting Account Settings. On the next page deselect the checkbox for Enable Enhanced Refund Program Enrollment Option to turn it off. To turn the enhanced refund program back on at any point just select that setting again.

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