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Promote Your Event To Local Fans! πŸŽ‰
Promote Your Event To Local Fans! πŸŽ‰

Get the word out through posting to local event directories

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Looking for a bump in sales? We've partnered with Event Vesta to submit your event to every major local media event directory in your area for only $50!

These include directories from local newspapers, TV stations, magazines, radio stations, chambers of commerce, visitors bureaus, social media directories, and more - reaching tens of thousands (or more) monthly visitors. This service is currently available in 108 metro areas across the US and expanding fast!

We've made the process SUPER easy: just head to "Manage" from the Events drop-down at the top if your admin area, then click "Promote" from the "Select an Option" drop-down under your event name.

Here's how it works from there:

  1. Complete the form. We've already filled in most of the info from your event page, so you can just complete the final couple of items and upload an event poster.

  2. Pay the $50 submission fee. The payment form will show right after you complete the information below.

  3. Event Vesta will submit your event to at least 10-15 local directories within 7 business days! Please note that each event directory may have its own review process. While most directories will publish your listing within a few business days, some can take 1-2 weeks (or longer). Additionally, while Event Vesta has a GREAT placement rate of 90%+, we cannot guarantee that the directory will publish your listing.

    • Please note: most directories will not accept submissions for events farther out than 3 months. If your event is farther out than three months our partner will wait until it's within that three month window to submit your listings.

We hope this helps you reach even more fans and sell even more tickets!

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