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Where Can I Use Passage to Sell Tickets?
Where Can I Use Passage to Sell Tickets?
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While most ticketing platforms either let you sell tickets online OR in-person, Passage combines the best of both worlds to allow you to sell wherever you like: Online, via our mobile app, or in-person.

Online, Mobile, AND In-Person

  1. Online
    For online sales you can either provide a link to your event listing on the Passage website, or you can embed the entire process within your website! We’re one of the only ticketing providers out there that will let you keep your customers on your website when they purchase tickets.

  2. Mobile
    Sometimes heading out to an event is an on-the-go decision. Because of that, we’ve created Passage to be extra-friendly for mobile users. The entire website mobile responsive. If you use Passage to sell your tickets, you’ll automatically be listed on the Passage site, giving you exposure to 10’s of thousands of people looking for a good time.

  3. In-Person
    New for 2014, we now let you sell the same tickets and merchandise in-person! Simply open up the Passage app (available for iOS in June 2014 and Android in August 2014) and you’ll have the ability to total up prices and sell your tickets or merchandise in-person. The best part is that all of the reporting will be accessible in the same place! Accepting a credit or debit card? Just total your order and swipe the card through our Passage mobile swiper, and let your customer sign with their finger on the screen. Accepting cash? Just hit “Cash Payment” and you’ll still be able to track inventory and print or e-mail receipts.

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