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Set Sending Email for Tickets and Confirmation
Set Sending Email for Tickets and Confirmation
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Can I reset the email address that sends tickets and confirmations to customers?

Yes, you can! If you want customers to see their tickets sent to them by you (or any email address other than, you can set that up within your admin account. Just follow these instructions:

  1. First, log in to your admin area by selecting Admin from your Account dropdown menu.

  2. Then, select "ACCOUNT SETTINGS" from the your admin ACCOUNT drop down menu at the upper right corner of the screen. This takes you to the options change the sending name and sending email.

  3. When the information is updated on that page, you will be sent an email from Mandrill at that address

  4. Forward that email to From there, we will be able to verify the new sending address for you and you will be all set up!

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