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How do my customers received their tickets?

Your customers receive their tickets in THREE separate ways, ensuring that it’s impossible for someone to NOT receive their tickets!

  1. Printable Ticket Immediately Upon Checkout. As soon as a customer completes the checkout process, they’ll be shown a link to view and print their tickets! It’s pretty much impossible to miss this one.

  2. E-Mailed Link to the Tickets. After checkout, a customer is sent an e-mail receipt which contains a link to view/print/download the tickets.

  3. Stored in User Account.If a customer decides to create an account with Passage before, during, or after their checkout process, their tickets will be associated with that account and accessible in the “Account → Tickets” menu link.

What parts of the ticket are customizable?

Passage tickets are created from the data that YOU provide for your events. Because of that, literally every part of the ticket is customizable: from the event date and time, to the ticket type being purchased, to the image used on the ticket, and more. Beyond the event vitals though, there are a few key items that you may want to consider customizing.

  1. Refund Policy. Under the advanced settings for your venue, you can set your refund terms. By default these terms are set to “No refunds or returns”. We recommend that setting, but realize that sometimes you may want to edit this to match your tastes. Feel free!

  2. Cancellation Policy. Also under the advanced settings for your venue, you can set your cancellation policy. by default this is set to our recommended text stating “In the event the venue cancels an event, you will be refunded within 4 business days of the event date for your purchase.” You’re also welcome to change this to whatever you like.

  3. Event Terms. The option to show event terms is located under the advanced settings for your event. This is off by default, but when turned on you’ll have the ability to add in your own event terms. These terms will show as a link on the event purchase page (with a note that by submitting the purchase a user agrees to your event terms), and also on your ticket, with a request for a signature.

How are tickets redeemed?

As detailed above, customers can receive/access their tickets in a number of different ways. Between all of those delivery methods, there are really two ways for a customer to bring their ticket to the event: either printed on paper, or displayed on a mobile device. Either way, you’ll have access to the ticket information, which you can choose to redeem in one of three ways:

  1. Use the Passage mobile app to scan tickets. Scanning speed is VASTLY improved this year (the fastest we’ve seen on any ticketing system), and gives an instant “Yes” or “No” response to let you know whether or not the ticket is valid. Additionally, if the ticket is valid, but not for the current time-slot, the app will give you the option of whether or not to redeem (accept) the ticket.

  2. Use our new “Guestlist” function in the app.Our new Guestlist function is so fast and simple, we actually thought about doing away with the option to scan tickets entirely. At any time if someone doesn’t have their ticket, the ticket is crumpled and doesn’t scan properly, or you’d just prefer to not scan tickets (but still want the ability to see which tickets were redeemed and when in your reporting), then just click “Guestlist”.

    You’ll instantly see a complete list of all attendees (with a photo if available), which can be sorted by typing a single character (or more). Looking for someone named “Jonathan Appleseed”? Just type “JO” and his name will instantly pop to the top of the screen. The more letters you type, the fewer results will remain. You can them simply tap the correct name to see a list of tickets they’ve purchased. Tap a ticket to mark it as “Redeemed”.

  3. Simply accept a printed ticket. And, of course, if you don’t care about reporting on which tickets have been redeemed, you can always simply let someone through after they present a ticket that looks valid! This could allow through fraudulent tickets (for instance, if someone printed multiples of the 1 ticket that they purchased), but it’s always an option.

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