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Merchandise, Concessions, and Other "Product" Sales
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Can I sell items other than tickets using Passage?

Yes! At Passage, it’s our mission to help you sell (especially pre-sell) as much as possible. That’s why Passage fully supports sales of any item, especially merchandise and concessions. You’ll simply be able to add a “Product” the same way you would an “Event”, with the only difference being that products don’t support certain time periods. In fact, you can even bundle these “Product” items together with tickets for special discounts.

Just like with events, a customer who pre-purchases a product will be provided with a voucher that he or she can simply bring to the corresponding event. When they present the voucher, you can scan it to mark it as redeemed, and hand the person their purchased product. It’s that simple! And, all of your products will flow directly into the same great reporting system that tracks your tickets, allowing you an even greater view into the purchasing habits of your customers.

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