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What do you do to prevent fraudulent transactions?

We employ all of the industry standard fraud protection techniques - from SSL secured web traffic, to address and CVV code verification, and many more. On top of these standard security techniques, we also provide you with two customizable fraud security settings: a ticket number limit, and a transaction number limit.

How does the ticket number limit work?

We give you, the event organizer, the opportunity to take fraud protection to the next level by limiting the number of tickets that can be purchased without speaking to a human representative at your attraction. We’ve found that if you speak to an actual human being attached to the card number, the transaction is much more likely to be legitimate.

This option can be set in your event administration panel. We suggest a limit of 20 tickets before the customer must call in to complete their purchase. Chances are you’ll want to talk directly to a group bigger than that anyways! Setting this limit low will help limit fraud attempts AND make sure your exposure to any automated fraud attempt is minimal (a maximum of a few hundred dollars instead of a few thousand if they were ordering hundreds of tickets).

How does the transaction number limit work?

In order to help you keep from being a victim of credit card fraud, we give you the option to limit the number of transactions from a single user and card number. By limiting the number of total transactions, you can make sure someone isn’t trying to quickly run the same stolen card number many times in a row, or use multiple stolen card numbers. This option can be set in your event administration panel. We suggest a limit of 5 separate purchases from any single user to be safe.

For more info on fraud and what you can do to protect against fraudulent transactions, please check out this guide from MasterCard.

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