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What is your pricing?

We know the ticketing and payments world can be confusing. We've tried to simplify (and lower!) pricing compared to other options out there.

  1. Processing  Fee:  2.75% & $0.30/transaction (lower than Stripe, Paypal, etc)
    This is charged on every credit/debit card transaction: Online or in-person.

  2. Service Fee: 2.5% & $0.50/item
    This is only charged on online transactions with a credit/debit card. 

  3. Free Tickets & Cash Transactions
    If you’re providing free tickets or using Passage to accept cash on in-person transactions, you’ll never be charged a cent!

For complete pricing information and comparisons to other providers on our pricing page.

Who pays the service charge?

By default, the service charge is passed through to the ticket purchaser. This means that you pay absolutely nothing to list and sell tickets on Passage! Most online ticket-buyers are preconditioned by big players like TicketMaster to pay these ticket fees. But if you prefer to take this fee on yourself, you’re able to select “incur cost” in the event settings.

Can I charge through an additional service fee on my event which I can pocket?

Yes! You’re welcome to add an additional service fee for online or in-person purchases. Please note that this will add to the transaction total (the amount that the service charge is applied to).

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