Changing Customer Orders
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Do you need to move a customer's tickets to a new timeslot? Do you have customer that purchased the wrong item, or for the wrong event? No problem! You can edit a customer's order, which will allow you to modify one (or any combination) of these things:

  • Switch the event

  • Change the ticket type

  • Adjust the date and time

Access this page from your transactions report by clicking on the individual transaction ID number in the first column, or quickly from your upcoming events page by clicking the "View Guest List" button, then the transaction ID number in your the customer's information, and finally "View Transaction" to jump into the customer's transaction details. Once you are looking at your customer's order, click the edit icon next to the individual ticket to change just one, or click the edit icon next to "Associated Tickets" to change the entire order at the same time. Select the new event, ticket type, and timeslot to assign, then click the checkmark to finalize the changes. The ticket(s) will be automatically updated in the system.

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