Creating and Selling Products

Create and sell your first products as an upsell, standalone, or in-person on the Passage Manager App.

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Selling products alongside your event tickets is one of the great things Passage allows you to do. Products can be sold both online and in-person, just like your event tickets. In-person at your event, the Passage Manager app is a dedicated point-of-sale system. You can ring up ticket orders, product orders, or combine them both together in one sale. So, you can have the app running transactions at your ticket booth, concession stand, and merchandise shop.

Online you have a couple of options for how you want to sell your products:

  1. Online Standalone - If a product is set as "online standalone," then it can be sold on its own. Customers will be given the choice of whether they want to purchase tickets or products when they land on your page. Thus, allowing you to use Passage as a one-stop online shop.

    To link directly to your standalone products add "#products" (without quotes) to the end of your event or venue page URL. For example:

  2. Online Upsell - If a product is set as an "online upsell," then it can only be bought in conjuction with tickets for your event. This will offer the product to the customer only after they add tickets to their cart.

For online sales you can also choose your preferred delivery method for products: ship them out, or have customers pick them up at the event. You can also choose both, and let customers decide how they want to receive their items. If you choose to ship, you will be able to set up a per-item shipping fee; that fee will only be applied if the customer chooses the shipping option. Customer shipping addresses will also be chosen at checkout. 

To create a product, head to the "Products" tab at the top of your admin section. Then click the "Add Product" button in the left hand sidebar. The following fields are provided to enter the information about your product:

  • Name: Seen by your customers, as well as your sellers on the app, and the name used to track its sales in your reporting.

  • # Available: Used to track your inventory. This number will automatically update after each sale. Leaving this field blank will set your product as unlimited.

  • Price: The per item cost of your product. (Note: if you have differently priced variations, then these can be set up as variants later. See below.)

  • Product Limit Per Purchase:  Enter a number here to limit the number the customer can select and purchase in a single order.

  • Description: Provide information about the product. This will be seen by customers online when shopping.

  • Tax Rate: If you need to collect tax on your product sales, enter the tax rate here. This will appear as a separate line item to the customer at checkout, and the taxes will be tallied in your reporting.

  • Display Order: Use this setting to specify the arrangement of your products in the list. "1" will appear at the top of the list, "2" second in the list, and so on.

  • Visibility: Where this product will be shown and available for sale. You can choose a single option (i.e. "In Person" or "Online Standalone"), to have it available everywhere, or any combinations in between (i.e. "In Person and Online Standalone").

  • Delivery Options: Choose how customers will get their items after purchase. Choose from 1) Ship Only, 2) Pickup Only, or 3) Ship & Pickup.

  • Shipping Fee (Per Item): If shipping is a delivery option, set your shipping fee here. This fee will only apply if the customer chooses the shipping option (will not be applied to "Pickup" orders).

  • Online Service Fee: Choose whether you want online service fees for standalone products to be passed onto the customer or incurred by you. 

  • In-Person Service Fee: Choose whether you want in person (on app) service fees for standalone products to be passed onto the customer or incurred by you. 

Select Events & Venues

In order to sell products, they will need to be connected to either an event or venue. Choose the events and/or venues you want to sell this product for by entering their names in the fields provided. You can do a single event or venue, or multiple. Where you sell it is entirely up to you!

Add Product Images

Make your product stand out! An image uploaded here will display for the customer during online purchases. Images will display at a maximum width of 515 pixels wide, and must be under 2 MB. Recommended size is 515 pixels wide by 280 pixels tall.

Create Product Variants

Have multiple varities (sizes, colors, etc.) of your product to sell? Set them up here! Each product variant can be assigned its own unique name, description, price, and quantity (# Available) to differentiate it from the others. The individual set quantities also allow you to track your sales and remaining stock by variant. These numbers update in real-time keep track of your inventory. As with all other settings, you can update these fields at any time: I.E. If the price increases, or a new shipment arrives.

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