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Downloading an Event Guest List
Downloading an Event Guest List
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Are you an event organizer looking for a way to keep track of your attendees without the app, or as a backup in case you lose app connectivity? Here's how!

  1. Head to the Admin area by logging in, opening the Account drop-down menu at the top-right, and selecting Admin.

  2. Click the Events tab and select Manage to get to your events.

  3. Open the Select An Option drop-down on the event you'd like a guestlist for, and choose Guest List from the options.

  4. Select the event time or times to export.
    - By default no selection will export all upcoming event times.
    - Select event times from the dropdown if you only want specific times.
    - Select "Include Archived" to export past event times.

  5. Select the file type you want.
    - PDF is easier to read & print, but isn't editable.
    - CSV can be opened and edited in any spreadsheet application.

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