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Need to turn off sales for event times on a certain day, over a weekend, or for an even longer time-span? that's easy! Use the Block Time Slots feature to disable (or re-enable) sales with just a couple clicks!

  1. Open the "Select an Option" dropdown menu on your event and select "Block Timeslots" from the list.  

  2. Choose either the "Block" or "Unblock" option
    "Block" to disable sales
    "Unblock" to re-enable sales

  3. Select the date range over which to perform this action  

  4. Click the button to update the status of all timeslots within this date/time range

Only need to block sales for a single event time, not for a range? You can do that, too! To turn sales on or off for just one time slot head into your event editor, then down to the Dates & Times section. Locate the specific time slot and click "edit" to bring up its options. Then select the "Block" checkbox and save. You've just disabled sales for that timeslot only!

Also, you can now managing the blocking and unblocking of individual time-slots from your Upcoming Events view. In the Actions column you will see a down arrow button next to the "View Guest List" option. Clicking that arrow will open a list of additional options including "Block" (or "Unblock" if currently blocked). Simply click the block option to turn sales off for this time-slot, or unblock to reverse that and turn sales back on for this time-slot.

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