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Monitor Ticket Sales and Customer Info for Upcoming Events
Monitor Ticket Sales and Customer Info for Upcoming Events
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Check out how sales are going at a glance when you have an upcoming event time slot. The "Upcoming Events" page provides on screen the number of tickets sold and the number of tickets remaining. By default you will see all of your events for current and future time slots. You can adjust the events and date range to view with the filters located on the left-hand side. To see past event times change the "From Date" to a date in the past and select the "Include Archived" option.
For a detailed list of all attendees click the "View Guest List" button. This will display the information for all customers who are attending that time slot, including any responses to custom questions, comp notes, and give you access to their transaction details. Custom answers and comp notes can be retrieved by clicking the "More Info" link. Transaction details are accessible by clicking the transaction ID number and then "View Transaction." You can even check-in your guests by clicking the"redeem" button next to their name.

You can also quickly increase or decrease the ticket limit on time slots from the Upcoming Events view. Just click the edit icon next to the current ticket limit, enter a new number, and save to immediately reset the capacity for that time. This comes in handy to accommodate a larger group, or temporarily make more tickets available.

You can even handle blocking time slots, setting up a private time-slot, issuing comp tickets, and selling tickets with just a few clicks right from this screen. Simply click the down arrow next to the "View Guest List" button to access those options.

Note: To hide the "Revenue Generated" column, select the "Hide Revenue" checkbox. This will immediately stop showing that column on screen, and can be handy if using the screen in front of customers.

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