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Collect Additional Customer Info with Custom Fields
Collect Additional Customer Info with Custom Fields
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In the Ticket Info >> Ticket Options section of your event editor, you are able to create as many custom fields as you need to collect information from your customers. Some popular examples for these fields include: asking how the customer heard about your event, whether or not this is their first time attending one of your events, identifying the name of a larger group they may be with, or to acquire their shipping address information. These questions are presented to the customer when they select their tickets.

To set up a custom field, first head into your event editor. Then, either click "Ticket Info" in the navigation section or scroll down the page. You will find the custom fields just below your list of ticket types in the Ticket Options section. To set up a custom field type in the question or prompt to which you want customers to respond.

You can choose whether to leave them optional, or make them mandatory by selecting the "Required" checkbox. When required is selected, a customer will not be allowed to advance to their cart without supplying an answer. Non-required answers may be passed over by customers, but there is some use in this setting, since some questions may not pertain to every customer.

Deleting a custom field will delete the field and all responses that have been collected for it. So, the "Hidden" option is useful when you no longer want to ask the question, but still want to have access to the previous answers. By selecting hidden the field will no longer be shown to customers on the event page, but you will still be able to see all of your customers' past responses.

Input Type Preference: You can choose to have customers freely enter a response ("Text Input"), or have them choose from options you provide ("Select Options"). When using the Select Options method click on "Add Answers" and type in the text customers will see. 

Click the "Save Event" button when finished to activate or update your custom fields.

Where can I find the customer responses to my custom fields?

Custom field responses are available to you in two places. The first is in the guest list on your Upcoming Events admin page. You can click into "View Guest List", then on "More Info" to see the custom field responses for an individual customer.

The second place you can find this information is in the downloadable guest list for your event. Get to the downloadable guest list by heading the Manage Events page in your admin area, open the "Select an Option" dropdown menu, and select the "Guest List" option. You can select a single event time or multiple times, and choose the file type you prefer (PDF or CSV). Hit the create guest list button to have the file emailed to you. Your custom field responses will be found in the last column of the guest list. Note: If you need to pull a guest list for a past event time, you will need to unarchive those event times before accessing them in the guest list select.

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