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Creating a Venue
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To get started using Passage your first step is to create a venue. Sign into your account at, and select "Admin" from the "Account" drop down menu to reach your dashboard. Click the "Venue" link atop the page, then the "Add Venue" button in the left column to create your first venue. You can create as many venues as you like. When setting up an event you will be asked to select which venue it is belongs to.

The first set of fields are basic info: Venue name, address and location info, phone number and your website to help customers find you. These fields are required, but if you are doing a virtual-only event, you do not need to enter real address information; you can enter "streaming", "virtual", "online event", etc in place of the street address, city, and zip code. Similarly, phone number can be substituted for an email address, website, or social media handle.

Advanced Options

  • Venue Details: Add information about your venue here. Formatted text, links, images, and videos can be included 

  • Return policy: By default the return policy is set to "No refunds or returns." However, you may change this to any policy you want to use.

  • Cancellation policy: As with the refund policy, you may change the cancellation policy to whatever works best for your business.

  • Tax rate: If your location charges sales tax for online purchases, add that percent here. Note: type 6.0 into the field for a 6% rate.

  • Alternate Contact Organizer Email: By default the "Contact Venue Organizer" button will send customer's messages to your account email address. If you want those messages to go to someone else, add a different email address here.

  • Custom Ticket Fee Label: Text added here replaces the default "Ticket Fee" label seen by customers.

  • Extend Day For Events: This setting allows you to keep all of your activity for a business day together, even if you have timeslots that run beyond midnight. For example: if you start a day at 7 PM and remain open until 2 AM, enter "120" (minutes) in this field to extend your business day until 2 AM.

  • Custom Background Image: Personalize your venue page with a background image. The image will automatically scale to the user's screen size. All image uploads must be less than 2 MB.

  • Upload a logo: This image will be featured when customers come across your venue. You can also set it to be used for events and on tickets by selecting the "Replace Event Poster with Venue Image on Ticket" option under your event's Look & Feel settings.

  • Upload a sponsor logo: Does your event have a sponsor or sponsors? An image uploaded here will appear on the bottom of a customer's ticket. The best size for a sponsor image on your ticket is 600px width by 200px height.

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