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Admin Sales & Comp Tickets
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There is new functionality behind admin sales and comp tickets. The new process will take you through the same add-to-cart process as public sales through the website, and now allows you to sell bundles, subscriptions, individual products, or multiple events / event times in the same admin checkout.

There are now two ways to comp tickets or perform an admin sale:

  1. From your Upcoming Events page, click the down arrow at the far right of a time slot and select "Sell/Comp Tickets"

    • If you need to sell or comp tickets for an event time that is set to private, click on the "Private" link next to the event's name under the Event column.

  2. From the public event page add tickets to cart, then click the "Enable Admin Mode" button

    When using this Admin Mode method your cart will NOT be subject to the standard countdown timer. This means you can hold tickets indefinitely for a customer, and wait to process their sale later.

When you reach checkout in admin mode there are required fields for the customers email address, first name and last name. There are also optional fields for a custom email title, email message body, and send date (if you want to delay the delivery).

Other checkout options:

  • This is a Comp: Select this if the order is a comp to remove card payment fields.

  • Separate QR Code Per Ticket: When "This is a Comp" is selected this option will be offered. Selecting it will create a separate transaction (and barcode) for each ticket in the order. Use this to provide a series of one-time use barcodes that the recipient can print individually.

  • Only Send PDF: The default email will require the customer to log into an account to claim their tickets. Select this option if you just want to send the PDF, and not require any action on the customer's end.

  • Notes: This is for any internal notes about the customer's order visible to event admins. These notes will be available in the transaction details.

Video Walk-Through:

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