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Ticket Gifting: Allow Customers to Purchase Tickets as a Gift
Ticket Gifting: Allow Customers to Purchase Tickets as a Gift

When enabled, a purchased can designate part or all of their ticket purchase as a gift for someone else! Read on for setup instructions.

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Have you ever had your customers ask if they can purchase a ticket for someone else? Whether for a birthday, anniversary, or just a fun night out, you can now enable any ticket to be purchased as a "gift" for someone else.

To enable ticketing gifting:

  1. Click "Manage" under the events drop-down in the admin area.

  2. Go into your event settings (from the Manage Events screen, select "Edit" under your event name).

  3. Under "Ticket Info" -> "Ticket Options" click the check mark next to "Enable Gifting" and then click "Save Event" to save your changes.

Your event is now enabled for ticket gifting!

Now, when your customer visits your page, they'll see an option to mark purchase as a gift by clicking "This is a Gift" (either on the checkout screen, or next to the checkout button before the checkout screen).

Before Checkout Screen:

On Checkout Screen:

At checkout, your customer will see four option after selecting "This is a Gift":

  1. Recipient Email Address. This is required! This is who will receive the gifted ticket(s).

  2. Items Included in Gift. A purchased can choose to include all or just some of the tickets in their cart as a gift to the recipient.

  3. Message (optional). The purchaser can write a message that will be included in the email to the recipient.

  4. Send Date (optional). The purchaser can also specify a specific date/time to send the gifted tickets to the recipient.

The recipient will receive an email message that notifies them of the gift and allows them to click a button to accept the tickets (at which point they'll need to login to an existing account, or create a new one):

The ticket purchaser can also see the status of their gift (whether or not the tickets have been accepted yet) from their "My Tickets" page:

Advanced Usage

You can also send a link to your events that automatically enables ticket gifting (for use in links from your website, promotional emails, or social media) by adding "?gift=true" to the end of your event URL. So if your event URL was "" , then "" would automatically enable ticket gifting for the purchaser.


We recommend letting your customers know about ticket gifting in advance if you enable it for your events! This can be a great way to promote your events, especially around holiday times. People sending gifts are often looking for the easiest way to send a gift, and just knowing that your events allow ticket gifting may make their decision easier!

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