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Allow Ticket Transfers for Your Events
Allow Ticket Transfers for Your Events

Give ticket holders the ability to send their tickets to another person

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Ticket holders now have the opportunity to transfer their tickets to friends, family, employees, giveaway winners, sponsors, or whomever they want to give a ticket. Ticket transfers will be enabled by default for any new event upon creation. If you want to disable ticket transfers for your event, just select the Disable Ticket Transfers checkbox under the Ticket Options section of the event editor.

When enabled transfers are handled entirely by the ticket holders and recipients of the transfers. The original ticket holder can log in go to their account's My Tickets page and click the "Ticket Transfers" option found there to send tickets. They can select one ticket or multiple from the tickets they have and enter an email address to transfer the tickets to. An email will automatically be sent to the recipient's email address.

The recipient of a ticket transfer will be required to provide their name and email address to accept the tickets. When the recipient accepts the transfer the information for the ticket in your reports will automatically be updated with the new name and email address for your records. The recipient will also have the option to reject the transfer, which will leave the ticket in the hands of the original ticket holder. The original owner also has the option to cancel a transfer at any time, and send to someone else. Email updates will be sent to the sender and recipient along the way with updates about the status. Best part: the entire process is completely hands-off for you!

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