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Sell Monthly Subscription Plans for Multiple Events

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Subscriptions allow you to offer an ongoing series of events to customers. New events can be added to the subscription at any time, and all subscribers' orders will automatically be updated with that event ticket. Subscriptions are excellent for things like annual passes where new events are added throughout the year, a weekly concert series adding new acts as it goes along, or monthly popup events that are planned and scheduled sporadically.

Subscription customers will be billed monthly for the amount of the subscription price.

Subscription Options:

  • Allow Promo Code Usage With This Subscription (Will only apply the the first month.) - Choose whether or not to allow promo code discounts on initial purchase of the subscription.

  • Hide Subscription Contents on Ticket - If selected, only the subscription name will appear on customer tickets. If not selected, the individual event tickets will each be listed individually.

  • Available For Sale - Select this option for subscription sales to be active. Deselect this option to stop future sales of the subscription.

  • Billing & Renewal Interval - How frequently subscribers are billed. The period can be set to Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual.

Add Items to the Initial Subscription Package

  • Click "Add Item" next to "Subscription Event Items" to add an event ticket to the subscription

  • Click "Add Product" next to "Subscription Product Items" to add a product to the subscription

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