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Accept Payments and Receive Deposits
Accept Payments and Receive Deposits

Turn on your ticket sales and connect a bank account to get your money!

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Setting up your payment account will immediately make your event ticket sales live, and you'll begin receiving daily deposits. If you have your business and banking information handy, you can have this done in 10 minutes or less! To set up your payment account start by logging into your account, then select Admin from the Account dropdown. Once in your admin area click the Accept Payments button at the top of the page. (Note: If browsing on mobile, you'll need to tap the 3 lines button to expand this section.)

The first page after clicking through asks you to agree to the terms of service. Read them over, click the checkbox for each item, and then click Passage Payments to proceed.

On the second page connect the bank account routing and account number where you'd like to receive deposits, and provide a billing descriptor (seen by your customers). Provide those details, then hit the Submit button to proceed.

The final step is to provide information to verify the legal entity. You can choose to use either an Individual, Company, or Nonprofit Organization as your legal entity. If setting up as a company or nonprofit, use the EIN and business address in the form. If setting up as an individual, use your SSN and personal address. A business representative is also required by the government. In almost all cases it's recommended to make yourself the representative; this just means you're acting on behalf of 25% of more of the business. Nine times out of ten the representative can be verified with only the last 4 digits of the SSN, although they may come back and ask for either a photo ID or the full SSN later. In the rare cases this happens, it will not immediately interrupt payments or deposits.

You can get back to your payment account settings when logged into your admin area by selecting Payment Account from the Account dropdown menu. In there you'll be able to update items like the bank account or billing descriptor. If you need to switch to a new legal entity, please contact

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