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What is a dispute (sometimes called a "chargeback")?
A dispute is when a cardholder calls their credit card company and claims a charge to their credit card was illegitimate for any number of reasons (the cardholder didn’t authorize the charge or doesn’t know what it’s for, the cardholder’s card was lost or stolen, the purchase was intended but the merchandise or service was never received, etc). When a transaction goes through, a cardholder has up to 60 days to submit a dispute to their card-issuing bank, so this could come a number of days after a ticket sale takes place.

Don't worry! A dispute isn't the end of the world. The card networks start by automatically removing the amount in question from your bank account (and any processing/service fees from our account), and assessing a dispute fee. Unfortunately, this is done automatically (which they’re allowed to do per the terms of accepting those credit cards), but we are given an opportunity to fight the dispute and get the fee and disputed amount back!

You can check and monitor the status of any disputes you've received in your reporting by selecting "Disputes" from the Reports tab in your admin area. You can also turn on notification emails for disputes by selecting "Edit Profile" from your admin Account dropdown menu and clicking the checkbox for "Receive Dispute Notifications."

Your disputes report provides all of the details for the transaction (dispute date, reason, withdrawal and fee amount, cardholder name, customer email, etc). If you have any additional information about the cardholder / why they would file the dispute, you can click "Add Notes" to provide those details.

The status of a dispute will be one of these four:

  • Needs Response:  This means our team is still in the process of gathering evidence with which to respond.

  • Under Review:  Evidence has been submitted to the card network. The review process can take up to 90 days to complete.

  • Won:  The card network found in our favor, and funds are returned to your account.

  • Lost:  The card network found in favor of the cardholder.

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