Have a stadium, restaurant dining room, or night club that requires the sale of assigned seats? We have you covered! With our assigned seating functionality you can set up a seating chart on your venue to perfectly match its layout. Your stadium can be broken down into various sections, rows, and even individual seats. Your restaurant can have all of its tables in the correct location, set the number of seats at each table, or even specific seats at the bar. Your night club can have a general admission area around the dance floor separated from the VIP section and bottle service tables. Multiple seating charts can also be set up to accommodate alternate layouts.

To enable assigned seating for your account and events email us at support@gopassage.com. With you we'll work out the details of your venue, then set up your seating chart and ticket sales. Please note, the use of assigned seating features will increase service fees to 2.5% + $1.00 per ticket; this fee still can be passed onto the customer.

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