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While bundles let you sell a set package of tickets or products, a customer choice bundle allows customers to pick and choose items from a list that you present to them. The ability to select different options makes a customer choice bundle great for selling flex passes for sports teams or events with multiple attractions. There is also the option to exclude individual items from the customer choice if you want something to always be included in the package.

To set up a customer choice bundle start by clicking the Bundles tab at the top of your admin area, then the Add Bundle button. This uses the same form as any bundle; to make your bundle customer choice select the checkbox for "Make This a Customer Choice Bundle."  This will bring up a new field labeled "Number of Items Customer Should Choose" – enter the number of selections you want the customer to make here. Then add all of the items to present as possible choices by selecting them under the Add Event Items (for tickets) and Add Product Items (for products).

Each bundle item will have 2 settings next to it:

  • Max Quantity - Set this to the highest number the customer can include in a single bundle. For example, if they are limited to 1 ticket per game/event, set the max quantity at "1."  On the other hand, if the customer can use all of their selections for the same game, then set the max quantity equal to the Number of Items Customer Should Choose.

  • Include in Customer Choice - Deselect this option if you want the item to be required. Keep this selected to have it be one of the options from which to choose.

Other bundle options:

  • Allow Promo Code Usage With This Bundle - Select this option if you want to allow additional promo code discounts to be applied to the bundle.

  • Hide Bundle Contents on Ticket - By default the ticket for a bundle purchase will show each individual item and its quantity. Select this option to hide the individual items, and only show the name of the bundle and number purchased.

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