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Event Terms & Liability Waivers
Event Terms & Liability Waivers

If your event requires that your customers sign off on specific details, this article is for you!

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Some events require that their  customers sign off on specific details. If that's your event, you've come to the right place! We have a couple different ways to handle that extra sign-off.

#1) Event Terms

The easiest way to get an extra sign-off to special terms is to use our "Event Terms" functionality. To do this, just head to your event edit screen (Events --> Manage, and then click "Edit" under your event), and head down to the "Advanced" area. Here you'll see a box labeled "Event Terms". Whenever you type something in there, it will activate two things:

  1. Your event terms will be shown on the checkout screen and require that the customer check a box to agree to those terms before completing their checkout. 

  2. It will print out those terms on your printable ticket with a blank for your customer to sign right there and turn it in at the event. You can disable this part by checking the box "Hide Event Terms on Ticket" right above the "Event Terms" box.

Simply add the text of your terms to that box and you'll be good to go!

#2) WaiverForever Integration

If checking a box at checkout to "Agree" isn't enough for you and you need something more heavy duty that can be signed online or in-person (on a tablet or phone) and can collect additional information, this integration is for you! 

The Passage Ticketing Platform (including all associated brands) is integrated with Zapier, which allows for integrations and task automation with over 1,000 different web-apps! One of those services is called WaiverForever and it's a killer waiver system.

Simply go through the Zapier set-up, sign up for an account with WaiverForever, and then you'll be able to create a "Zap!" (a task that will automatically happen based on your rules) to send the name and email of everyone who purchases a ticket to your event to your WaiverForever system: logging them in the WaiverForever system, sending them a waiver request, and putting them on the list for in-person signatures if you sign-up for that. 

Do you prefer to use your own waiver system or liability form? No problem: you can simply add a link to your waiver system in the email confirmation that goes out (you can edit this message under "Advanced" -> "Email Message" in your event setup) and/or the "Ticket Notes" (under "Ticket Details" -> "Ticket Notes" in your event setup) to request that your customers click the link to sign your waiver.

Give a shout if we can help at all with any of these options!

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