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Your deposits report makes it easy to track when your funds hit your account. It is a complete list of daily deposits, both past and currently in transit. Additionally, the "Balance Pending" box at the top of the page shows the running total for the current deposit period.

The deposit details provided in the report list are:

  • Date Initiated:  The date and time at which the sales were batched and released for deposit

  • Est. Arrival:  The date you can expect to see the deposit hit your account. Note: For most U.S. banks this will always be two business days following the day it was initiated

  • Amount:  Total dollar amount of the deposit

  • Status:  This will read one of 3 options.
    1)  In_transit: the funds are on the way
    2) Paid: funds successfully deposited
    3) Failed: deposit could not be made

  • Failure Code & Failure Message:  Only show with a failed deposit, and will provide details about why funds could not be deposited (i.e. invalid account or routing number, permissions not granted, etc)

You can scroll through the list to check deposits by date or narrow down the search by using either the initiated or estimated arrival date filters. One other feature is that clicking on a row will expand to show all transactions included in that deposit.

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