Failed Transactions Report
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The failed transactions report is a list of all your customers who attempted a credit/debit card purchase, but had a problem with their card information. Most often this is something simple like an incorrect zip code, CVC, or expiration date, which results in the charge being blocked and voided. In some cases the bank may decline the charge outright due to other reasons, such as insufficient funds. The reason for the decline is always provided in the "Failure Message" column.

In addition to the reason for the decline the report also provides the name on card, customer email, last 4 digits of the card number, dollar amount, and date and time of the attempt. Additionally, clicking on the row will expand to show more transaction details.

We recommend checking the failed transactions report any time the following happen:

  • Customer sees a pending charge on their account, but did not receive the email with their tickets

  • You cannot find the customer's name or email address in your reporting

You can search for a customer by last 4 digits of the card number, email address, purchase date range, or simply scrolling through the list. If you find a customer in this report, they have not been charged. A pending charge from a blocked or declined payment attempt will be removed as soon as their bank updates their records; depending on the bank this may take up to 1-3 business days. The report provides the information to confirm that, though, so you can let the customer know they haven't been charged, the reason why they were declined, and how to avoid the problem when repurchasing.

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