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The events report is great for getting a quick breakdown of ticket sales (or redemptions) by ticket type, as well as the number of promo code or bundle discounts that have been used.  The report will allow you to view those numbers in a bar graph, or as the raw numbers.

The report is broken down into 3 sections after submitting: Ticket Type Sales on top,  Promo Codes Used second, and Bundle Used at the bottom. The numbers in the Ticket Type Sales graph are for the number of tickets sold; the the raw data will also show the total ticket price for that number of tickets. Under the Promo Codes Used section the number displayed is the number of tickets that code was used on. Under Bundles Used the number indicates the number of times that bundle was purchased (not total number of tickets included in the bundle sales).

Of the options at the top of the page only Event, Status, Purchase From / To Date, and Time Zone are required to submit, but here's info on how each of those can be used: 

  • Event: Select the event for which you want to see numbers

  • Ticket Types: Leave blank to include sales all ticket types, otherwise select the options you want to see

  • Payment Types: Leave blank to include sales for all ticket types, otherwise select only the types you want to see (i.e. in person vs online sales)

  • Status: Select whether you want to see the number of tickets sold or redeemed

  • Purchase Date From / To:  Select a single date or a date range for which to run the numbers. Both fields can be cleared out if you 

  • Time Zone: Defaults to the venue time zone, but can be adjusted to any time zone

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