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The transactions report is the place to check financial numbers (i.e. deposits, refunds,  taxes, fees) for your account. The boxes at the top of the report show total number of transactions, total transaction amount (includes price, fees, taxes, and discounts), total deposits made to your account, total tax (if set up on your venue), total processing and service fees, and total dollar amount of refunds issued.

When you load of the transactions report it will initially show the numbers for the past 365 days. You can use the filters to update the date range, or focus on sales for only a specific event, payment type, or sales processed by a specific cashier account among many other filters.

Transaction Report Filters

  • Venue Owner: If you're an employee of one or multiple, this field will be available. Select the venue owner account email to view the sales numbers for their events.

  • ID: Search for a single transaction using its transaction ID number.  Currently, transaction ID numbers will be 6 characters.

  • Refunded:  Select "Yes" to view only transactions that have been refunded on the system; select "No" to view transactions that have not been refunded.

  • Event:  Select a single event to view only its tickets and numbers. 

  • Payment ID: The ID related to the charge on the payment network. This is a longer ID, beginnign with "ch_..."

  • Payment Type: See numbers for different purchase types. Multiple can be selected. 

  • Cashier ID: If you have employee accounts, the cashier ID can be used to show all of the sales that employee is reponsible for. Both their ID number and email are shown in the selection.

  • Name on Card: Search for a customer by the name on card used in their transaction.

  • Last 4: Search for customer's order by last 4 digits of their card number used for their transaction.

  • Zip/Postal Code: Search for customer orders based on their billing zip or postal code. 

  • Referral Code: If you have set up referral code links, you can track the purchases made using those by selecting the code here.

  • Purchased Date From / To: Search for sales by a specific date or date range. The two filters can be used together or alone.

  • Time Zone: Defaults to UTC (Universal Time Code), which matches the daily schedule for deposits. Can be adjusted to any time zone.

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